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3 quick tips for how to take awesome holiday pictures on your mobile phone

Whether you’re escaping the winter for some sunshine or “cosying-up” in doors, we can all admit that holiday time is the perfect opportunity to fill our albums (or at least our phone galleries) with loads of happy memories.

Here are a couple of tips to ensure you get the most out of your mobile phone photography:

Avoid direct sunlight

We all love that perfect beach moment, and as much as we dream of a beach paradise shrouded with tropical trees, the reality is most beaches are pretty… well …. BARE. Most often than not, there are no trees in sight, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably forgotten to bring your umbrella… Eeek!

Not to worry, a really simple fix, is to backlight your photos (standing with your back facing the sun). This way you’ll avoid looking washed out and squinty eyed. Back lighting your subject also eliminates harsh shadows (that create raccoon eyes) on your face.

That golden glow

Chances are you might have heard of “Golden hour”. If not let me give you the short version of this phenomenal time of day. It’s when the light is the softest and most beautiful. It happens at Sunset and Sunrise and if you have any photographer friends, you’ll know just how obsessed we are with catching these gorgeous rays.

So, if you’re looking for that golden glow and awesome photos (in general) be sure to start snapping in that first or final hour of the day.

Enjoy your “messy hair I don’t care” moment

So often we feel the pressure to look our absolute best when we see a camera being whipped out - but holidays are about having fun and that’s what you want your pictures to convey. So whether you’re embracing the frizz or the flat, my advice is to just own it. Take in the scenery and let “making memories” be the focus. Besides you probably look way better than you think you do - just saying!

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